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The idea of this approach has already been formed in 2012.

An old neighbor of mine (a writer of children's stories) encouraged me to pursue this particular idea. Unfortunately, this man is deceased by illness and I want to put the idea to him.
Wat wil ik proberen.

Create a story that is specifically designed for children from 8 years to about 12 years. An easy story. But still exciting for them. To read the story for everyone without spending it, I try to offer it on this page. It's Free. Children are everywhere on this earth, what would it be better to make this story for each child to read. You can help. Mastered a foreign language, you can free up some time for this story to a different language to convert, I would appreciate it greatly. It must be done for free. Then there is absolutely nothing to you? Some hear .... every translator I will mention by name on the "Languages".

How far have we come? Make it readable for every child in the world!