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Q: What file do I need for printing
A: I prefer a STL SLA, SLS or a FDM File

Q: How can I donate a model.
A: Just sent me an email, later when the site is growing it will be more easy.

Q: Must it be a model on scale ?
A: Yes..please !.I will have it for other model-kit enthusiastic people.

Q: Is it for free ?
A: Yes….as long as I can afford it this way it stays this way, anyone can use the files.

Q: Which models are suitable for this site ?
A: I can nearly say…..any one as long it is a model-kit, everyone is interested is something else.

Q: Can you see who made the kit ?
A: Yes, but if you don’t like to be mentioned can that be arranged too.

Q: I don’t know to use a 3d-drawing program, how do I get a model-kit of my wishes.
A: You can send me a mail, maybe I can draw it or I can put it on the “wish board”.

Q: What is a “wish board”?
A: It is a place on the site where ideas for a model-kid can be placed.

Q: I don’t have a 3d-printer, can you make one for me.
A: Yes..that’s possible, email me for the prices and so on.